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Environmental Market Is worth $1 Billion per/yr for valves

The environmental systems suppliers generate revenues of over $ 100 billion per year. The systems they supply include valves valued at nearly $ 1 billion / year.

The largest segment of the market is for valves dealing with water and slurries.   Some of the individual valve purchases are substantial. The knife gate and ball valves used in a large power plant flue gas desulfurization system cost over $1 million. ITT, Pentair and Crane purse this market with dedicated sales people.

Some of the companies such as B&W and MHPS are buying valves for many processes. Both of these companies furnish environmental systems but their largest market is for complete coal-fired power plants.

The largest 140 environmental companies average annual valve purchases of $1.3 million. These companies are all identified with contacts in 53DI OEM Networking Directory. Above are findings of  McIlvaine company in Industrial Valves: World Market report.